Smart sales meeting scheduler

Let your customers book sales appointments from your website.
Steer them towards meeting time and date that maximise your chances of closing the deal.
Match an ideal salesperson to the prospect.

Try your customer's experience yourself



0.5%value of each transaction
  • Algorithmic optimisation of your revenue
  • Billing cycle alignment for subscriptions
  • Laverage Seeable data
  • Gmail, Office365 integration
  • "Powered by Seeable"
  • CRM integration
  • Multi-location
  • Multi-language

Per item

$50per item on sale / month
  • Algorithmic maximisation of number of deals won
  • Laverage Seeable data
  • Gmail, Office365 integration
  • "Powered by Seeable"
  • CRM integration
  • Multi-location
  • Multi-language


Customlet us know what works for you
  • Remove "Powered by Seeable"
  • Laverage 1st party data only
  • White-label
  • Single Sign On
  • Custom email copy
  • Data pipeline integration


Grace Kraaijvanger

This is really wonderful insight. Super appreciative and grateful.

Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder & CEO at  The Hivery logo
Dorota Ruchała

The app is fantastic in day to day space management. It’s intuitive and very clear. I highly recommend it!

Dorota Ruchała, Co-founder at  moreflow logo

Frequently asked questions

What is smart / different about your scheduler?

Our scheduler is specifically focused on booking sales meeting appointments. Sales meetings are different as the sole goal is closing the deal. We believe a high value purchase will always require an in-person meeting to build comfort and credibility. As these are also highly emotional - all details of the meeting matter: time, date, place and a salesperson. Our algorithms analyse both historical sales performance and real-time website data steering the prospect to booking the optimal meeting.

How much time do you need to learn my customer's behaviour?

Our system analyses anonymised data from all our customers, so you should expect sales improvement from day one. As we also recognize every business is ultimately different, we integrate with a variety of CRM systems to ingest historical data into our system when we get you started. If you’re just starting, you should see a noticeable improvement after around 10 successful meetings scheduled with us.

Is my customers' personal information safe?

You are the only entity with access to your prospect’s email address, name and phone number. Same applies to personal data of your salesforce. The only data points you contribute to the common data store with are anonymised behaviours of your prospects browsing your website, as well as what times, dates and venue types converted the most prospect to customers. If you prefer to rely only on your data and not contribute, that’s perfectly possible too. Please contact us to discuss all the details.

Do I need to do anything on my side to be able to use your solution?

We’ve reduced the complexity of our scheduler down to only 3 lines of code you need to add to your website. You can do just that the minute you decide to work with us. To maximise the results, we need to integrate your sales team calendars to get access to their free/busy as well as set up connection with your CRM. The process is semi-automated and only requires a one-off involvement from your tech team. The timeline is strongly dependent on your team’s availability.