Why "leave us your number and we will call you back"​ doesn't work well

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Coworking spaces usually showcase their facilities to potential members with a tour, it’s the most important step to win a new member.

(This is part 1 of the series of posts about Smart Tour Booking by Seeable)

Do you offer tours? How many tours do you give a month? Have you ever thought about how many more members you could win if you deliberately optimised the experience?

Many coworking spaces list their phone number on the website and ask prospects to call them “with any questions or to book a tour”. Others get a little fancier with online contact forms with a promise the coworking space operator will “call them back”.

These approaches are poor and easy to improve. Improving your tour booking process can significantly increase your revenue.

People don’t want to be on the phone with a salesperson.

“I just want to book a tour, as simple as that.”

A potential member will tour about three coworking spaces before making a decision. Usually they aren’t interested in learning about coworking or why touring is important, they just want to book a tour. And, by the way, the conversation with a salesperson is going to happen anyway – it’s just so much better when done face to face while touring than on the phone.

Privacy concerns

“No, I’m not gonna give you my phone number.”

With an advent of GDPR in Europe and constantly increasing privacy awareness in other parts of the world, this has recently become the number one reason for conversion decline. Yes, you can still include a message designed to put people at ease, declaring tour booking as the only reason to call them on their phone (and in fact, you have no choice if you’re dealing with European Union citizens). However, this remains discouraging and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Too many times, “tour booking” related calls turn into sales conversations potential members aren’t comfortable with.

Slow Response times

“Why the heck is this taking so long? I’m going to book some other spaces instead.”

This one is on you. Expect a task-oriented state of mind from your potential member, they just want to book a tour. If the task is not completed close to immediately, rest assured, they will book other coworking space tours. This leads to internal deadlines you agree on with your staff to ensure they respond quickly. How big of a challenge this may be for your staff is perfectly summarised by many “war stories” we have heard interviewing a front of house person with one of the coworking spaces currently using Seeable scheduling tours from behind the wheel and in a cinema watching Avengers.

So what’s the solution?

Seeable’s Smart Tour booking widget lets your prospects frictionlessly book a tour with you from your website. It’s connected to your calendar, assuring only spots actually available are being booked. It also sends out reminders and follow up emails and asks for feedback on the touring experience. All of that to optimise for conversion rate – which is what the touring is all about.

Another calendaring widget then, huh?

Far from it! Seeable’s tour booking widget is part of the sales process, it’s smart, in that it uses machine learning algorithms to optimise your conversion rate.

To learn more about how we do it, read on to part 2 in this series.